Our Mission

The mission of Concerned Parents of Norris School District (CPNSD) is to
protect our children and our fundamental rights as parents.
To ensure District 160 recognizes, restores, and preserves our children’s
right to receive public education free from comprehensive sexuality
education (CSE), critical race theory (CRT), and social and emotional
learning (SEL), as well as other ideologies and indoctrination.
To support parents’ choice of medical freedom.
To recognize parents as the primary decision makers concerning their
children’s education.

Please Help Us

We need to reach our goal of collecting enough signatures to successfully recall each member of the school board. It is our belief that we deserve better representation. If you too believe that the Norris School Board should better represent you then please sign the petitions. You can press the button below to email us and we will try and find a time to meet up and collect your signature.


Otherwise directly email us at concernednorrisparents@gmail.com