Welcome To Concerned Parents of the Norris School District Group

On August 6th, 2021 the Norris School District mandated that children in grades Pre-K to 6th wear masks. This was based on a directive from the Lincoln Lancaster Health Department through which Parents in the Norris School district have no representation. As parents we have the right to decide what is best for our children.

Doing our best to help

Together we can bring about the changes needed.

We Believe in Parent's Rights

Our Mission

The mission of Concerned Parents of Norris School District (CPNSD) is to
protect our children and our fundamental rights as parents.
To ensure District 160 recognizes, restores, and preserves our children’s
right to receive public education free from comprehensive sexuality
education (CSE), critical race theory (CRT), and social and emotional
learning (SEL), as well as other ideologies and indoctrination.
To support parents’ choice of medical freedom.
To recognize parents as the primary decision makers concerning their
children’s education.